About Automation Odyssey

The software testing arena has changed vastly over the last 10 years. The landscape is now more than ever before focused on test automation. With more and more complex websites and systems, comes an even bigger challenge to test and ensure the quality of such websites and systems.

Testing professionals are now faced with the up hill task of keeping up the pace with the latest tools, techniques and programming languages. This can seem a very daunting task when the testing arena has so much tool choice to offer.

My name is Sanderson Imbeah I’m a software testing professional with 12 years experience working in various industries such as government, financial services and media. In this time I’ve seen a drastic shift from the need of testing activities to be more automated.

I have created the Automation Odyssey blog to share my highs and lows with learning about new tools, techniques and programming languages. I have spent a few years of my own personal time learning various industry standard test automation skills to help improve my skill set.

This blog is aimed to support anyone who would like to start to make the shift and learn more about test automation, programming and everything test. I will be blogging about new skills I have been learning and how these can be applied to real world scenarios.

Why the name Automation Odyssey……Odyssey  means epic journey and thats exactly what it has and will continue to be for me in software testing.